Jashore The Eastern Business Center

Jashore, is a district town located in the Khulna Division of southwestern part of Bangladesh. It is bordered by India to the west. One of the oldest municipalities of the country, Jashore town on the Bhairab river, was established in 1864. Jashore district also very old, was established in 1781.

Jashore District encompasses 2578 sq. km. It is bounded by Jhenaidaha and Magura districts on the north, Satkhira and Khulna districts on the south, Narail and Khulna districts on the east and West Bengal of India on the west. Major rivers that flow through this region are the Bhairab and Kapotakhho. Annual average temperature range from 9°C ~41°C and the annual rainfall is 1537 mm. The district produces a variety of crops year-round. Date-sugar called patali is made from the sap of locally grown date trees that is cooked, thickened and crystallized using a traditional method.

Serving as the land communication center of Bangladesh & India through the Benapole border, which is the busiest land station of Bangladesh. Jashore is a junction on the broad gauge based network of the Western Bangladesh Railway. The network has links extended into Indian territories. The Jashore Airport, located near the Jashore city, is the prime airbase of Bangladesh Air Force.

Jashore is also famous for growing vegetables and flowers.