Rajshahi The World’s Happiest City

One of the six divisional headquarter and metropolis of Bangladesh. Rajshahi city located in the north-west of the country and has an estimated population of less than 475,000 people. The city spread over an area of 96.69 sq. km (37.33 sq mi), just on the northern bank of the mighty river Padma.

Rajshahi known as the “Silk City” as it producing the best & purest silk in the country, also known as “Education City” or the “City of Mango” of Bangladesh.

According to a survey by London School of Economics (LSE) in 2006, was conducted among the cities of 70 countries, judged Rajshahi as the Happiest City of the World. Because of its Noncommercial life style, blend with the old traditional impact of Buddhism. Summer is hot & humid with average approx. 40°c, winters are cooler, temperatures drops down even on 4°c. Annual rainfall of Rajshahi city is 1448mm in average.

Rajshahi is well connected to the rest of the country through roads, rail and air. Taxicabs are available, but Rickshaw & auto-rickshaw are main city transports. The travel expenses are much cheaper than any other cities of Bangladesh, and the most important thing is there is no traffic-jam in Rajshahi city.

There are other attractions also in Rajshahi namely, Bagha Mosque, a historical site, picture of this mosque in one side of 50 taka note. There are also Puthia Palace, Bara Kuthi (16th century Dutch establishment), Temple of King Kangsa Narayan, Shona Dighi (Golden Pond), Central Park and Zoo, Borokuthi, Chotto and Boro Bongram, River Banks, Chhoto Sona Mosque and more.