Baggage Allowances and Dimension

Passenger Type Checked Baggage Cabin Baggage
Adult 20 Kg, Maximum 2 pieces
7 Kg, 1 piece
Child 20 Kg, Maximum 2 pieces
7 Kg, 1 piece
Infant 10 Kg
Carry on Bag
Dimension of the Baggage
Cabin Baggage Max width 22 cm, height 35 cm and length 15 cm
Checked Baggage Max width 60 cm, height 100 cm and length 40 cm
Excess baggage rate per additional kg
Domestic Outbound & Inbound BDT 150
International Outbound (DAC-CCU) BDT 350
  Inbound (CCU-DAC) INR 350


Prohibited Items

Dangerous articles not permitted in hand Luggage

Prohibited ItemsThe following items must not be packed in your hand luggage. They must be placed in your hold baggage. If these items are discovered in your hand luggage they will be confiscated and not returned.

  1. Nail cutter/Nail file
  2. Razor blades
    (razors that have the blade set into a plastic moulding are allowed, but razors that can be opened and the razor blade removed are prohibited)
  3. Knives
    (with blades of any length)
  4. Household cutlery
    (large spoons/tablespoons are NOT permitted, however small teaspoons are allowed)
  5. Corkscrews
  6. Lighters
  7. Sharp tools/objects
    (including multi-tools and penknives)
  8. Scissors
    (except where both blades are round-ended or less than three centimeters)
  9. Rope
  10. Catapults
  11. Darts
  12. Billiard
    (Snooker or pool cues)
  13. Sporting bats
  14. Toy/replica guns
    (metal or plastic)
  15. Walking/hiking poles
  16. Hypodermic needles
    (unless required for medical reasons, for which proof will be required)
  17. Body spray
  18. Measuring tape
  19. Fish/Meat
  20. Paint