Baby Buggies and Wheelchair

Families traveling with young children using a baby buggy or passengers using a wheelchair for mobility, who are capable of using each without assistance, should be allowed to use the buggy or wheelchair to the departure gate.

Please Note: Baby buggies where it is not possible to stow it in the cabin, it will be necessary to stow them in the hold of the aircraft


Make sure the instruments are properly packed. Attach a Fragile Label. Tag the instruments with a Limited Release Tag. Normal excess charges apply.

Very often passengers want their valuable musical instruments with them in the cabin. Larger instruments (more than 115cm) can only be accepted in the cabin on an extra seat which must be paid for.

FRAGILE BAGGAGES (Paintings, valuable objects, glassware, etc.)

NOVOAIR accepts no liability for fragile baggage with fragile contents. The passenger must be informed before accepting such fragile items.

Baggage must be packed in such a way that it can withstand normal handling. Items that, because of their nature, could cause damage to other passenger's baggage (e.g. broken bottles can spill liquid) may not be accepted for check-in.

Portable Dialysis Machine

In addition to the normal free baggage allowance, a passenger dependent on a portable dialysis or "kidney" machine, is entitled to carry a machine and ancillary equipment. Because of the size (50 x 50 x 40 cms), the machine must be stowed in the hold, using the bulk hold where possible on wide bodied aircraft.

Cremated Human Remains

Cremated Human Remains are accepted for carriage as Checked Baggage provided:

The passenger is in the possession of all necessary documentation including a certificate of death issued by a competent authority of origin. The casket or urn containing the cremated remains is packed in a sealed outer box or case. Cremated Human Remains are not acceptable for carriage in the passenger cabin due to unsuitability of these items for security inspection prior to boarding.