Whenever the company in contact with the passenger(s) has received information that any passenger:

  • Suffer from any disease which is believed by such person to be actively contagious and communicable;
  • Who because of certain diseases, or incapacitation may have or develop an unusual behavior or physical condition, which could have an adverse effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers and/or crew members;
  • Can be considered to be a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or the punctuality thereof (including the possibility of a diversion of the flight and unscheduled landing);
  • Would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight;
  • Might have their medical condition aggravated during or because of the flight.

Such passengers shall be subject to prior clearance for air travel by the medical departments/advisors of all Company(s) on the basis of information in respect of their physical and/or mental condition, obtained by the Company in contact with the passenger through its medical department/advisor directly or through a licensed physician familiar with the condition of the passenger. In order to obtain such clearance, medical information must be provided and transmitted when seats are requested.

Company can deny transportation to passengers needing medical clearance, unless they meet the requirements of the Company.