Subject to the rules and conditions, company shall follow the policy concerning the carriage of incapacitated passengers as follows:

A. SHALL refuse to carry or continue to carry persons

  • whose carriage because of their physical or medical conditions, on the basis of established facts, medical or other evidence, etc could pose a threat to the safety of other passengers and their property, the aircraft or the crew, and/or
  • who refuse to, or do not submit themselves to the specific conditions of carriage required by the company(s) regulations.

B. MAY refuse for carriage, or to commence/continue transportation of incapacitated persons

  • Whose conduct, status, mental or physical condition is known to be such as to render them incapable of/caring for themselves without assistance, unless-
    • They are accompanied by escorts who will be responsible for caring for them en-route, and
    • With the care of such escorts, they will not require additional attention or assistance from employees of the Company:
  • Who may be a source of infection and in the case of certain disease, discomfort to other passenger;
  • Whose carriage, even with the implementation of special precautions, might cause unusual hazard or risk to themselves or to other persons and property;
  • Who cannot use the standard aircraft seat, neither in a sitting nor reclining position (e.g. stretcher cases), for the class of service desired.

Mentally Ill Persons

Persons who are mentally ill will not be accepted.